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roof repair

  • vent pipe opening
  • chimney

smaller projects

  • install bathroom fan
  • install whole house fan
  • DONE fix water leak
  • done fix drain leak
  • DONE fence garden to allow chicken access
  • fix mac keyboard
    • open - disconnect keyboard - see if trackpad always functions
  • fix dell keyboard
  • order window for BR and SR
  • laundry room faucet
  • done kitchen faucet
  • build hatcher
  • build / test new incubator
    • order SSR from MPJA
  • garden hose on porch
    • order plumbing fixtures
    • drill hole
  • hot water for util sink
  • need better drain for util sink
  • sink in garage
  • run electrical to CH
  • run water to CH
  • run water to garden
  • run water / electrical to pond
  • install pond pump

big projects

  • DONE insulate porch roof
  • finish porch window trim
  • DONE swing set and sand box
  • install split AC
  • deck around porch
  • repair covered area roof (replace roof)
  • deck on covered area
  • replace furnace
  • fix garage electrical mess (in progress)
  • house water filter
  • DONE replace window in BR
  • DONE replace sliding door in SR


  • thur - finish planting NW corner
    • bring in top soil
    • soybeans in the sandy part
    • ?? on the 3 remaining hills
  • fri - S strip
    • corn?
    • peas?
  • sat - SW
    • butter nut
    • cucumber
  • sun - finish up?
    • asparagus

PCB projects

  • 24V buck for power tools
  • lawnmower booster

2012 Q4

  • DONE install piano room door
    • need to finish trim and install handle
  • DONE install sliding door
  • DONE order PEX plumbing fixtures
  • install electrical
  • DONE cut down tree

2012 sep goals

  • order replacement sliding door
  • build chicken house
  • better crib
  • window shelves
  • estimates for fuse box replacement

2012 goals

  • green house
  • weld
  • freon
  • stone tools
  • chainsaw mill
  • improve the house deck

Sep 2012 LOL - bascially none of these things done!

mar 2012 todo

  • plant spinach / radish
  • done relocate chickens
  • done plant indoor seeds (do in Feb next year)
  • done buy chainsaw mill

feb 2012 todo

  • 11:30am (23rd) 692. 2:30pm (21st) 682
  • done order chainsaw mill
  • order gas chainsaw
  • water filters:
    • filter bags
    • activated carbon (loose)
    • limestone
  • animals:
    • chicken fence
    • electric fence for garden
    • electric fence for yard / goats
    • mobile chicken coup
  • seeds:
    • D select various legumes for seeding yard
    • D wild flowers
  • D purchase wheel barowel
  • purchase mini-tractor and wagon
  • NA purchase top load washer
  • D order garden seeds
  • D order live trees and bushes

oct 2011 todo


  • complete motor test
    • implementation in benchtest could be adequate. does rotation and simple analysis ; could print "PASSED" and "FAILED" with little effort
    • working on complete fully automated test that measurements resistance of coils, the speed constant, and the encoder behavior
  • imutest
    • board is horizontally mounted. need to understand the expected range of offsets and noise
    • runs the self test which causes a somewhat known deflection


  • sign offer
  • CVS photo
  • contact PP office - reschedule
  • goto PP office
  • pickup PP
  • book hotel in Sarain
  • create CV
  • Carlisle townhall
  • schedule inspections


  • take back S ankle and upgrade swifi and send back
  • take back router
  • send pic32 board
  • send code for decode of ankle comm
  • send pinouts and headers
  • update baudrate in swifi
  • find out firm versions Ric


  • create Admin account on mac
  • install pyserial on mac



  • where is mediawiki


  • docs for central coating
  • assemble a ptoyotype AKENC4b
  • order AM256q devices.
  • assemble a prototype BATMOD2 w/FETs
  • new board submission for BATRCP and BATMOD
  • code up CRC database for python
  • EEPROM tables.
  • code for dashboard
  • code for 3rd encoder.

  • contact RLS re the effect of magnet size.
  • need 5 AKENC3d by Nov 8th

  • KNEE3 controller
  • SPI quad uart w/IMU
  • AKENC3d and AKENC4
  • WIP4E (w/dual by 9 connector)
  • PSER2 and PSER1

  • when in H2, the torque can be off by 40.
  • ac relax mode, use pitch vel
  • should be a function of PCI. 5 by default, increase to 10 or 15


  • add support for the high res encoder
    • calb stop
    • MC imped
  • calb tables
  • install 5a encoder
    • calb stop needs to capture
  • write new calb app, that does its own analysis
  • for each pair of encoders, estimate ball nut position
  • new PCB submission (fixed batrcp, and batmod)


  • NION


high speed at swing want no power overall - for weeks - no recharge need torque speed curves




  • invoice MEKA, IW
  • DC sine sweep
  • random noise.
  • investigate torque ripple
  • add docs for 1120 commands, add docs for do command, add docs for robo_config.
  • make SWIFI w/6 serial ports and connector for EMG
  • make Ken specific MC board.
  • investigate apparent current overflows with large backdrive freq.
  • recode PI loop to saturate Isum
  • make separate MC project for life fix. Will have condition compilation and large code model
  • have MC send back more info about the LF - eg position in thrust table.
  • have MC send back LF binary state variables.
  • integrate wifi_fast into run_life fix.
  • write python to review data from the SWIFI
  • locate SWIFI connectors.


  • locate connectors for ADIS or purchase
  • PCB run - merge SWIFI and IMU and BLMD SPI breakout? (eg SPI swifi)

Aug 09

  • car insurance - discuss metlife w/DWB
  • MITFCU - call about fees for savings/ money market.
  • Report expenses for Chicago trip
  • Locate receipts for MIT video card purchases.
  • contact WI re sales tax collection error


  • test RTOS
  • PCB - isolated RS232, SWIFIs


  • for monday - damping FF at zero degrees.
  • send out loadwasher.


  • force fields are loaded automatically, need to ENABLE
  • (yesterday)(fixed issues of feature bits and runleve.
  • SC - check for hall zero - but to correct, need the spline table.


  • force fields are loaded automatically, need to ENABLE
  • IMU automatically on (why is EEPROM ignored?) (believe causes by feature bits in walking_param)
  • check for hall zero location
  • chech for normal SG offset.
  • PVF engages at zero vel crossing, allow for vel-offset.


  • IMU signal processing
    • accelerometer, direct output ; ratiometric, powered by 3.0V ref
    • z axis gyro : powered by 5V, uses 3.0V ref on Vratio, 267k at Sumj; dynamic rage = 500 deg/sec
    • x&y gyro : 3v power supply
    • gyro and accl signals all have 1k, 0.1uF RC filter

6-30-09 todo

  • zero encoder based on calibrated hall sensor.
  • write python program to bump overload parameters, and monitor max
  • PC programs to load/save defaults
  • program to convert matlab calb files into python calb table

before next track test

  • create a command that has a single parameter to specify the type of code to run
    • wake into mode 0, sensors are operational (for test jig)
    • wake into mode 0, but also do commutation (for test jig where AK will be driven.)
    • wake into walking mode, with impulse current = 0
    • wake into walking mode, using EEPROM defaults, but impulse current = 0
    • wake into walking mode, using EEPROM defaults, with impulse current
    • DEMO mode : using EEPROM defaults, relaxed enabled, full impulse current
    • ability to specify which EEPROM table is the default.
  • ability to read out the SG offset log - seems to have an issue...
  • DONE : use CRC with WIFI_FAST
  • MORE WORK : load / save walking parameters
  • IS USED FOR HALL SENSOR : use calibration table
  • TODO : use motor current offset.
  • VERIFY : use force fields
  • TODO : glue down hall sensor.


  • detech motor faults - just to holding state.
  • overload warning - detect and servo to safe position.
  • integrate in the EEPROM code.
  • VERIFY : during swing issue a test current into the motor to measure it's resistance (store somewhere)
  • statemachine - look at MC offset, if there is much disagreement with defaults then signal error
  • statemachine - log SG offsets
  • add thermal model for motor and ACS712 to state controller
  • code to make sure the motor is moving correctly when reseting the encoder.
  • learn to use the EEPROM. log SG torque at boot, and during each step.
  • capture initial SG offset into EEPROM
  • capture SG offset during swing into EEPROM

PCB IW812a

  • encoder breakout
  • current sensor - isense1 (unipolar)
  • faux SG board
  • sg breakouts x 4
  • pser1d - udp compat pser
  • fup1 - gender changer

PCB todo

4 layer

  • re-spin motor and state controllers? Knee PCB?
  • send out PSER1D and other boards in 4layer nice.
  • WIFI w/2Meg RAM
  • electronic fuse, ballancer, ON/OFF switch - battery pack less the charger.
  • FUP flash drive datalogger.
  • if needed - FUP datalogger w/Wifi / BT and 2meg ram
  • motor voltage circuit
  • In VNC1 : change 3.3V regulator to MCP1700, 3.3V  ; 2.2M resistor to 2.0Meg; voltage and resistor for the LT3470 regulator


  • need a way to verify that TVS is operational. need to see what effect T has on TVS voltage.

  • MC code improvement
    • verify Q15 operation of code on MC
    • MC feedforward.
    • motor controller safety and thermal model for motor and FETs - needs to stop motor....
    • motor commands needs to allow readback of selected sensor (so we can cycle through lots of sensors)

  • current measurement PCB (with Y voltage measure)
  • encoder breakout boards
  • SG breakout boards
  • new WIFI wireless


PO BOX 24489 Indianapolis IN 46224 Media:Example.ogg