AIW assembly

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    • IMU PCB mount 50 mills
    • side plates (sholder screws) : 2.5mm
    • K2 spring to ball nut / actuator : 2mm
    • K3 spring : 7/64"
    • front / back cover : 5/64"
    • belt tension adjust : 50 mills


BT / Swiffy

  • Using FUP1 board, interface 9pin Rev 200 FUP to BT FUP
    • Connect BT to FUP1 w/ 5pin straight cable, into the RED (straight) header.
  • run BT communications wire

before K3

  • insert both programming cables
  • wait to install K3 last, VHB copper spreader to K3 (might fall out otherwise)
  • red lock tight pyramid tube adapter into WOW pack
  • connect BT mod to flexF midpoint, make sure to correct module for left vs right.