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  • adjust current scale factor for R300
  • how many CPU cycles are we using.
  • HALT, acoustic motor temp measurement
  • have SM DISPLAY temperature, have MC directly compute the temperature.
  • Read FET thermistor
  • Read IMU thermistor
  • how to measure angle and velocity (renisha? eddy?, honeywell hall?)
  • USB datalogger.
  • set forcefield with limit test, write to EEPROM
  • 3 state safe startup for HH and NW
  • test JR3 over serial.
  • loadwash PCB??
  • benchtest Rev200, in progress
  • debug Rev200 from S5
  • ROM out hall sensors.
  • capture the K3 zero position
  • estimate the present motor rotation number from hall, just make a turns table.

FEB 2010

mon feb 1

  • 1.5 hrs -
    • document overload, and MC filter, email GG on same
    • apply bug fixes to spld3 firmware
  • 1pm - 12:20a (-40 mins)
    • discuss LTF w/DG, set up JR3 and charge amp software to perform experiments to confirm moment sensitivity
    • work w/CA debugging FET boards.
    • work w/GG testing overload monitor
    • testing FF and documenting
    • trying to understand why change amp digital and analog disagree. Seems that force measured digitally changes when the scale factor is changed.at

tue feb 2

  • 1.5 hr : admin and development of option parser for benchtest. Discuss HALT testing w/RC
  • 0.5 :
  • 5:30-11pm (-40 -10 -30)
    • visit the HALT chamber
    • assist CA w/testing of repair Rev200 PCA.
    • benchtest wasn't able to run the stress test.
    • adding pyramid code to benchtest
    • modification and testing of V2 code for use in HALT.

wed feb 3

  • 15 min, review force field code, SVN submission. Email on same to GG.
  • purchase Skype phone.
  • 10:45a - 8pm
    • halt chamber
    • return to IW, assist GG w/SM and boot. New robot needed calibration tables and Init table config.

thur feb 4

  • 10:45a- 1:45p (-20)
    • discuss re LTF w/DG, why was it stopped.
    • assist GG w/S4 issue re telemetry.
    • modifications to RLFv2, add new logging file
  • 3pm - 11p
    • modify log class to not use time stamps, and optionally insert headers
    • discuss JR3 LTF mode with DG and ED, discuss Jython w/ED
    • discuss charger and TI IC w/DkG
    • successful pole test of V2. SG has opposite sign
    • live matlab plotting of LTF data, build plot_lifefix.exe
    • Capacitor voltage : [1]

fri feb 5

  • 9:15am - 10:45a
    • email to GG re V2 SM and how it was tested.
    • admim, VPN to IW.
    • email to DG re ideas for new FF tables in the LTF.
  • 12:30p-1:45p
    • setup LTF room XP box for data collection
    • after building with deploytool, need to run MCRInstaller to install run time libs. [2]
  • 3:20p-9:10p
    • complete setup of LTF XP box. Building ML versions of plotters.
    • ordered PC
    • work w/GG on V2 SM
    • tested new thrust vector and PVT files
    • sent BOM for new Rev200 PCAs.

sat feb 6

  • 12:50p - 1:25p
    • review LTF, diagnose failure, email to DG.
  • 4:25p-6pm
    • investigate LTF failure
    • setup and test Skype phone.
    • BOM for SC/MC

sun feb 7

  • zero

mon feb 8

  • complete Jan invoice.
  • 3:15p - 8:30p -20
    • V2 statemachine improvements. E2L issue due to hardstop
    • discuss LTF w/DG
    • develop new method to zero the LTF
    • connect 600W PS to Aeon PC
    • startup LTF
    • discuss w/RC V2, LTF, and spring status

tue feb 9

  • 2:30 p - 8:35pm
    •  ???
    • extend dataport variable count, now sending 40 'dataport' bytes between SC/MC
    • extend MC to with 'qForce' variable that is a force reading sent over serial port
    • looking for dataport comm bug that breaks SC-MC, revered until found working.

wed feb 10

  • 1:15p - 11:05p -60 - 15 -30
    •  ????
    • +15 review SCH re EC2023, emails to GG, DG,

thr feb 11

  • 60 mins
    • email w/CA re batteries, email w/MR re ECO2023, email GG re/R200 rebuilt.
    • discuss w/RC LTF LW, JR3, and BC,MC model integration
  • 3:30p - 2:05a
    • cleanly code new dataport firmware and test. find, fix bug related to datatype sice.
    • attempt to test LTF JR3 serial to MC, not completed. modify_plot ltf
    • experiment with new PVT files, find tracking is terrible
    • create generic program to import text files into ML, then create python code that makes a custom version of the text file importer and added to the wifi_fast .zip log file.
    • improve wifi_fast. makes use of a new wifiload modules

fri feb 12

  • 12:05p - 8:15-
    • develop code for MC to send dereferenced variable list
    • build monowall router
    • test LTF after new tube, discover range of motion is limited - cant PF. likely miss alignment
    • debug plot_lifefix to work with new long packet.
    • start LTF w/tube act.

sat feb 13

  • 45 mins review LTF, setup newly compiled LTF-ML plotter for LTF

sun feb 14

  • 60 prepare mono machine
  • 1:20p-4:30p
    • setup and test mono router for bridge to 87
    • discuss network, router status w/ED
    • research ipsec bridge.

mon feb 15

  • 60 mins - phone w/ED, work on mono IPSEC bridge.
  • 1:30p- 8:30p
    • review LTF status, dicuss w/RC
    • V2 code development, testing
  • 10:00p-10:30p
    • rebuilt bench test
    • email re status

tue feb 16

  • 15 misn admin, emails
  • 30 mins review LTF status, modify LTF history plotter, emails
  • at IW 6:45p- 2:25a (-45 phone, -30 dinner)
    • meet with RC and char, discuss MC model tests.
    • setup I5
    • develop dataport code to output model
    • verify, collect MC model output.

wed feb 17

  • 20 mins - rebuild mono router for BIN
  • 12:55p - 9:25p
    • wire power poles to chargers for use with brick supplies
    • trips to binney to setup mono and wireless and I5 pc
    • improve easy of starting LTF for DG (make startup scripts)
    • disassemble V2 for calibration
    • determine calibration range and calibrate V2
    • re-assemble V2 for pole test.
    • sync I5 and E8400 projects.

thur feb 18

  • 20 mins - review calibration data, email to ZH
  • 12:00p - 11:20p
    • discuss calb stand application and updates w/ED
    • test H^2 w/HH, need to work on state transitions, issue w/S4, make sure no movement from SW
    • test H^2 w/WB
    • discuss CFI w/RC, prj derisk
    • fixed SWIFI uplink bug.


  • how to measure angle and velocity (renisha? eddy?, honeywell hall?)
  • USB datalogger.

fri feb 19

  • 3 hrs - prepare PSER2h and PSER2hb kits and documentation, deliver to L-tronics, modify build_order.py to use command line options.
  • 3:30pm - 9:30p
    • digikey order for PSER2hb, email stencils to L-tronics
    • assist DG w/LTF restart
    • set up DMZ at binney, setup VPN, find my machine disconnected.
    • discuss Sx status w/GG
    • wire up new R200 FET board and start benchtest. benchtest needs coding to be operational. the range command isnt working yet


    • read IMU temp sensor
    • have SM compute temperature (or MC)
    • set forcefield with limit test, write to EEPROM
    • 3 state safe startup for HH and NW
    • test JR3 over serial.
    • loadwash PCB??
    • benchtest Rev200, in progress
    • debug Rev200 from S5
    • ROM out hall sensors.

sat feb 20

  • 10:30 - 12:15
    • review LTF, restart benchtest.
    • improve plot_ltf, compile
    • email DG, RC re rotor energy and possible temperature explanation.
  • 1:15p - 9:25 (-37 phone, -15 lunch)
    • setup work bench at Binney, move routers, etc.
    • experiment to measure the temperature rise of motors
    • review LTF2 hardware and PC.

sun feb 21

  • 8:45a- 2:45p (-1.5hr)
    • discuss hall magnet w/RC
  • 4:30p - 6pm
    • improve the plot ltf program

mon feb 22

  • 10a-1:25p
    • emails re hall sensor and LTF assembly
    • improve the plot LTF program, install on LTF XP
  • 1:45pm - 12:10a (-30 min din, -15 phone)
    • discuss w/RC and DG getting load SG onto robot
    • V2 firmware development
    • improvements to plot_ltf
    • work w/CA to complete LTF2, create cable drawings.
    • test LTF2, find LW issue
    • prepare docs for pser2h-B assembly.

tue feb 23

  • 9:35a- 11:50a
    • review LTF
    • contact L-tronics re status of PSER2h, received.
    • code to compute EC30 temp and display.
    • investigated non-linear current issue, is due to dead time as RC suggested
  • 12:30p-8:50pm
    • testing temp measure.
    • investigate LTF2 ground problem
    • investigate US digital renasha problem
    • prepare for tune trial.
    • V2 tuning trial w/M113
    • review CRC code

wed feb 24

  • 11:30a - 2:30pm
    • setup letf
    • Get router from binney
    • debug pser2h (#4-6)
  • 1.5 hrs - create PN sequence for data sync, review LTF

thur feb 25

  • 45 mins review cause of LTF stoppage
  • 30 mins bring up re-built LTF
  • at RIC, setup SVN server

fri feb 26

  • 1 hr, testing of LTF#2, order 3 access points for robots.
    • develop program to send commands to wifi_fast.
    • phonec calls at 11:40, 12:52p
    • series of phone calls from 3-6pm