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Python docs: PFCMD_PY Wifi fast : Wifi_fast.py

  • pic32 and robot comm links*
  • [[1]]

Make PFF adjustment smaller.

Wiki for RIC robot project

getting started

All software can be open via short cuts in a folder on the desktop.

program for tuning and data collection

  • open cmd prompt to "support_scripts" and run "capture <filename>". capture.bat may need to be edited should the COM port # change.
  • open matlab, change to c:\mit_ankle\support_scripts" and run "plot_float". Use port# 9999
  • make sure the CPU is not loaded -else the serial port will drop data. (char 'S' output) in DOS window
  • unlock robot with "F4"
  • to start "PWM" hit ALT-F1
  • to stop "PWM" hit ALT-F2


  • SVN server
    • for RIC : user=ric, pass=ric#### where # is Levi's office #
    • for biomech : user=biomech, pass=biomech### where # is the office number for the group

tools setup

mplab IDE config

  • This IDE can be used to both edit and compile/build/program

To load a PF project, the default settings of the MPLAB IDE need to be changed:

  1. open "MPLAB IDE"
  2. Under Configure -> Settings select the "projects" tab
  3. Uncheck the "use one-to-one project-workspace model"

Some other suggested changes:

  • From the "other" tab, select "automatically reload"
  • From the "workspace" tab, select "no", "reload last workspace", and "always show full path"

Some programmer settings could also be changedLLLLL9

  • Select Programmer -> settings and then "Program after successful build"

After this works, try to open and compile a workspace/project.

  1. From MPLAB IDE, select "File, Open Workspace"
  2. Navigate to "trunk/StateController" and open "sc_workspace_mit.mcw" (or similar)
  3. Ignore complaint about files having been relocated.
  4. after it opens, press "Ctrl F10" to do a "make clean" followed by "make all"

python config

A file that describes the directory structure of the project needs to be placed in c:\

  • Edit the file "support_scripts\python_paths.py", so that variables point the root of your project tree.
  • The root of your project tree the directory that contains the directories "support_scripts" and "pf_python"
  • the string "c:\ceb\0svn" is replaced with your root.
  • Afterward, copy it to c:\

The python interpreter needs to be added to the system path:

  • Ctrl click "My Computer" and then select "Properties"
  • From the new object, select the "Advanced" tab
  • Select "Environment Variables"
  • To the "PATH" variable, append "c:\python25;"
    • The path variable may exist under "user variable" or "system variables"
  • Verify that python is in the system path by starting a DOS prompt and running python

make a wifi connection

From the support scripts folder run :

  • FOR S3 : wifi_fast.py -i 216 -F -f xx -V dataport
  • FOR S5 : wifi_fast.py -i 218 -F -f xx -V dataport


  • in the SC file "dataport.c" there is the statement : switch(sc_dp.dataport_select)
    • for each case, there are a number of assignment of robot variables to variables of the form "pf[n]".
    • the special command "157" is used to set the value of the variable "sc_dp.dataport_select"
    • thus the command "do_command.py -i IP_ADDRESS -s 157 1" sets dataport select to 1.

Robot hardware

The two "V1" robots from the company are labeled S3 and S5 (white sticker on top of side panel). (These are now antiquated but still work)

Ankle Calibrations