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Back to BM Ankle Tech notes Greddy IMU amplifer (GIMUAMP) Ankle MM32 breakout (AKBRK)

QAKAMP contains four bridge amplifiers with 2+ pole LP filters and differential output drivers, a high current precision voltage reference, power supply conditioning. The front end uses instrumentation amplifier with 80dB CMR extending to 100KHz.

Rev A

  • LM358 and OP27 opamp power wired backwards - corrected in Rev B schematic
  • V- LED wired backwards in SCH, corrected in Rev B sch
  • L.COM at REF- is open circuit - connected to COM

SN1 : assembly notes

  • Vref built with TL1431, Rb=2.49, Ra=4.7k -> Vref = 7.2v - regulation @ +-10V
  • changed Ra to 2.49k, Vref = 4.99V, regulation @ +6, -7V
  • RR1,RR4 are 4.7 and 10k. Wonder if smaller values might start regulation sooner.