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First version IMU

  • uses 2 axis ADXL311 linear acc

Current (Greddy) IMU

  • ADXRS300 Rate Gyro - needs clean 5V supply, output is independent of supply voltage. Has 14KHz switcher, should use separate power and signal ground.
  • pack includes eval board from STM that contains LIS3L02AS4 (3 axis) with 110k output imp
  • eval board is EK3L02AS4 - $52 from dig. Board contains volt reg and acc output buffers. APP NOTE

LIS3L02 output is dependent on supply with zero acceleration at Vsup/2 (+- 10%). There doesn't seem to be a signal that corresponds to zero acceleration!

Greddy IMU pinout (top down / left to right) : 
Rate Gyro: 5 GND x y z
STM Acc : 5 GND yf, zf, xf, y, z, x
xf,yf,zf are filtered and buffered
  • Strain gauge part # SG-7/1000-DY43 (or 93) from omega