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Two access points for use by the robots has been setup. Verify that one or both are operational at the following URLs:

(Note, you may need to just past it into your browser directly)

  • From the AP status page (no password required), you will also be able to see if wireless devices have connected, along with their IP:
    • Wireless tab
      • Clients uner Wireless Nodes
  • User name is "admin", for password - should be written on the case.

Access to the private network

The wireless devices operate on a private network. To make a connection one of the following must be used:

  • Connect to the LAN side of the AP
  • Make a wireless connect to the AP with the PC.
  • VPN into the AP
  • Use port forwarding on the AP to direct incoming TCP connections to a specific IP on the LAN

Connection to SWIFI

  • -i -V ak_p32 -f xx -F
  • bmech4 is access point, with lan ip, uses DMZ to route traffic to a fixed LAN IP
  • A 4 wire cable with pins 2,3 swapped is connected from PSW1 to the SWIFI port labeled M
  • This interface is NOT isolated and can power the SWIFI


  • S5 =
  • S3 =
  • Ankle 8 =