Pcb checklist

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before routing

  • make sure SMD pads do not fall into the route path. would like 5 mils from the board edge.
  • make sure that edge pads and mouse bites are not adjacent.
  • use better DFM to verify there are no stubs
  • make sure that mounting holes to not have traces routed to them. possibly at a note that holes with targets are non-plated
  • turn on layer 8, the assembly, and mask layers and remove unwanted text.
  • for the board outline, use 2 mill on the board layer
  • for route and retain use the title layer (60 mills wide)
  • typically place 5 mounting holes of 10/20 spaced at 20 mills.

during panalization

  • shrink mounting hole pads to just larger than the hole
  • view assembly and mask layers; verify there is no small text
  • look at silk layers for small text


* vias that connect top-bottom side traces must be fully masked.  if necessary, please run the mask process twice to make sure there is no exposed copper.

* Holes with targets are non-plated mounting holes.