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tue jun 1

  • 8am - 9am
    • continue debug of USE_AAS_SSI_MASTER_TIMER mode for AKENC
  • 9:30 - 12:30 conference call
  • 12:50 - 1pm HH
  • 1pm - 6pm -30
    • continue debug of USE_AAS_SSI_MASTER_TIMER mode for AKENC
    • verify that cmd 123 0 will turn off switching of FETs
    • compare noise from ADCs with SSI
    • complete build 2691 - works with both ADC and SSI mode.
    • work w/GG re installation of firmware
  • discussion w/RC re status

wed jun 2

  • 20 mins - preventative repair of SWIFI
  • 10am - 7:30pm -30 mins
    • kit and deliver components for AKENCxx; create DOCs
    • reinstall all PIC tools on PC.15
    • discuss AKENC3 status with GG and HH
    • work w/GG and H2, find MC firmware version is old.
    • investigate noise on sensor, caused by MC communications

thur jun 3

  • several phone calls earlier in the day.
  • 4:15pm - 11:15p (1 hr)

fri jun 4

  • phone calls in the morning.
  • 1pm-1:30p
  • 3pm - 7pm
    • recode MC firmware for RMB20 + MILE
    • testing on H2
  • 10:10pm - 11:20p
    • retesting MILE, RMB20 code. find there is a timing anomaly due to new compiler removing NOPs. Add optimization detection.

sat jun 5

  • 8:50a - 3pm
    • discussion w/HH re status, BV
    • investigate MILE encoder - seems to be 10 bits only - output remains high after 10th rising edge. - expected 16 bits
    • [AMD256D01] 1.2uS min clock period, 0.6us min high,low, monoflop 16-22uS
    • discuss betaangle calculation with RC, ZH. my test code beta_test.m doesn't seem to give meaningfull results.
    • want to invert beta_angle calculation to go from AAS to motor rotations
    • specify calibration constants required, along with method to obtain them for calb fixture.
    • discuss calibration tables, EEPROM loging with GG.

sun jun 6

  • 1 hr ; study the beta_calc problem with ZH

mon jun 7

  • 50min - re-run beta test using theta0 = motorangle/210; email on same

tue jun 8

  • 45 min re project status w/RC

wed jun 9

  • 12:30 - 9:45pm -3 hrs
    • contacted L-tronics re status of hardware
    • experiment with SPI hardware for SSI slave
    • CA calls about wire
    • RC calls about imped offset
    • ED calls about operation of VLIST, general questions about dataport interface.
      • we need to rewrite class V2 packet to not read 512 bytes (hard to be real time!)
      • would like to write an data source aggrigator
    • receive AKENCxx PCAs; find that not all components in kit and BOM were populated; fixed AKENC3m
    • RC/CA calls about RMB20 resolution

thur jun 10

  • 7:45a - 7pm -0.5
    • write BB SSI master for clocking (@5MHz) and checking 40 bit message. PIC24F SPI slave min clock period is 60nS.
    • testing SPI SSI slave. working! add diagnostic LEDs. red flash @ 250 packets, solid red->no communication, blue -> ADC QUEUE > 64
    • debug of AKENC3x; finish build, take components from AKENC3
    • write bitbang ADC queue version

fri jun 11

  • 10:15a - 9pm -1hr
  • spent day at IW.
    • assist GG w/SM
    • switch dev branch to H2; terminate trunk\firmware\SC, MC, etc
    • discuss theta-beta calibration w/RC, ZH, CW - decided to simply build a table
    • discuss output referenced impead w/HH, RC

sat jun 12

  • 1 hr : code initial theta-beta calb program
  • 1pm - 7:15pm
    • assist with statemachine,
    • assist MGL with benchtest motor testing
    • develop calibration program for hardstops and theta beta table.
  • 1 hr - review data from several calibration cycles; find that the theta-beta curve deviates ~1/4 turn from linear

sun jun 13

  • 9:30a - 11:00a
    • write myimportdata.m function to read text files that importdata can't
    • review data from 1000 cycle TB calibration run
    • create special command to read position, speed, and current offsets.
  • 12p - 9pm
    • test cmd 1004
    • at IW, test w/HH output reference imped. damping bumper in "bzone"

mon jun 14

  • 8:10a - 2:30p (-2.0)
    • work on invoice
    • work on MC imp output ref cleanup
    • create new python for current offset measurement (motor has to stop moving)
  • 3pm - 8:30p
    • test output ref imped controller
    • improve calb test.
  • 9:30p-10:15p
    • run offset calb test.

tue jun 15

  • 8:30a - 9:00p
    • test calb_stop.py, create matlab script read_calb_stop to analyze data.
    • correct IMP sensor offset issue, test
    • assist GG w/TS
    • discuss curve fit w/ZH
    • modified command 1461 for enhanced spring operation

wed jun 16

  • 8:00a -10:15p -30
    • merged my branch of SC and MC w/main brnch
    • discovered bug w/SWIFI firmware - investigated - not understood. related to FIFO overflow - possibly a problem with the queue count, or maybe only 1meg of SRAM is there?
    • created calibration table objs to pass from SC to MC, better as they uses a special command and thus will be easier to pythonize.
    • review ZH sin parameter estimation.
    • encouraging results WRT to estimation of motor position at power up.
    • tracing bug in MC related to code size.
    • removed deadend MC code.

thur jun 17

  • 5:15a - 7:45a
    • consider possible causes of MC code failure. should break up primary switch
    • admin,invoice
    • document and update SC w calibration tables.
  • 10:25a-2:30p
    • skype w/GG re motor controller crashs
    • uChip forum looking for MC crash assistance.
    • MC firmware code crash study
  • arrive IW: 4pm - 6pm
    • MC firmware code crash study
    • discuss w/ED python calibration code
    • discuss python code dev issues w/ED
    • develop build # and SVN tools for better tracking of the compilation version

fri jun 18

  • 9:15a - 2:10p
    • discuss w/RC and HH possible drift in offset, methods of setting and tracking
    • discuss w/GG special commands for offsets and MC firmware updates.
    • continue clean and stripping MC firmware to increase RAM.
    • tracing RAM usage, attempt to determine how 12K is used on stack.
  • 3:20 - 8:30p
    • assist GG w/imp zero commands.
    • continue calb_stop.py and read_calb_stop.m development, include analysis and reporting in matlab
    • run calibration on H2-6 and H2-3
  • 9:50p-11:20p
    • admin
    • review MC firmware.
    • calibration analysis development

sat jun 19


sun jun 20

  • 6.30a-7:30a
  • 11a -
  • 2p-3:30p
    • investigate possible SWIFI bug where data is lost.
    • improved RX ISR handle (made faster)
    • removed main loop printf - which defiantly slowed packet processing.

  • 4:15-6:50p
    • debug AKENC3d sensor -
    • find that atan2 float point takes too long. needed to replace w/32 CORDIC atan2 to keep noie down