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Also see revisions : POT2, POT2b, POT2c

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  • small green PCB with top side text label of "medialab/POT2a.pcb", "021705"

POT2 Reference

Assembly Variations

  • 1 : Vref = 9.92V used stacked of resistors for RR2,RR3 : RR2/RR3= 2.9717
  • 2-8 : Vref = 10.0V, used RR2=3.00k, RR3=1.00k
  • value of RO1, RO3 may have been decreased from 20k to allow greater adjustment of Voffset
  • values of bypass caps (CD1-4) may vary
  • value of RR1,RR4 may have varied from 698 to 1k.

Design Files

Bill of Materials