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Medialab Documentation


The MM32BRK is an analog breakout board for the Diamond MM-32 16-bit Analog I/O PC-104 interface module.


Rev 1 is a yellow colored (AP Circuits) PCB with silver traces and no silk-screen. In solder find the text label "medialab/mm32brk.pcb REV1 022105"


  • MM32 ribbon cable (2)
  • Power (1)
  • Analog Inputs (16)
  • Analog Outputs (4)

Known Problems

  • DAC output headers polarity opposite the power pins
  • Although the input connectors are laid out in an orderly grid, the last two inputs (IN14 and IN15) are swapped in the array.
  • Some power supply decoupling caps on pg3 of SCH have the wrong orientation, populated on PCBs correctly

LED Indicators

  • 4 groups of LEDs indicate the presence of power and the state of the fuses.
  • Normally the LEDs on either side of the fuse should be dark – when a fuse blows these LEDs should be visible.
  • LEDs adjacent to the power connectors indicate the presence of power

Assembly Variations

FUSES : the fuses socket may be populated with a shorting wire, a fast blow fuse, or a resistors which will act like a slow blow fuse.