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long term goals

  • real time control of robot prosthetic
    • reads sensors (some directly connected, some accessible from other processors - eg ASYNC serial)
    • robot control statemachine isolated from the over all complexity of the (linux / gumstix) system
    • real time telemetry (plotting, datalogging)
    • real time adjustment of parameters.
    • import C code generated from matlab / simulink to run statemachine
  • VMWARE build environment (w/samba share, ssh server, and gui?)

short term projects

  • use Overo as an ASYNC serial to TCP bridge (replace WiPort)
    • allow for multiple TCP sessions?
    • associate with first AP in an ordered list
    • will need PCB with buck converter, ASYNC serial interface to robot (using non-standard baud rates)
    • figure out how to send and receive data over the gumstix SPI interface
    • develop driver for the SC16IS762 SPI dual uart
    • develop gumstix - robot interface hardware
      • use lab standard power and data connectors to interface with gumstix
      • battery voltage to 3.3/5V buch converter to power gumstix
      • 2 - 6 UARTs (w/non-standard high speed baudrates) to interface gumstix to multiple robotic prosthetic
      • assorted IOs such as high res ADC, DAC, PWM, and QEI interface