Datalogger Setup

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Support Software / Hardware

Required Software and Tools

To install - unzip into a known location - then connect the Adapt3 device USB cable. Windows will prompt for driver installation. Instruct windows to look for the drivers in the previous unzip extraction location.

Alternatively - from the extraction direct - "right click" on each of the 3 INF files and select install. When the Adapt3 USB cable is connected, the drivers should be installed.

  • MSP430 firmware, Download and extract source code for the datalogger. (Contact me for the latest firmware)

optional / informative

  • My programs - Sync and Cygintl-3.dll are used to flush the windows filesystem buffers. They automate the process of making safe the removal of the SD card after writing it. These tools are used by the makefile targets "file" and "SD". Place both of these in your executable path.

My Tools Setup

Executable binaries and source code are available from :

At minimum download each of the binaries and copy into either the "working directory" or better yet or somewhere in your executable path. I keep them in c:\bin

Hardware Setup for MSP430 Programming

  • Connect the JTAG programming cable to the PC parallel printer port and the "Adapt3" PCB. The JTAG cable is polarized to help connect it properly.
  • Optionally connect "Adapt3" to the PC via the USB cable (you many need to install drivers). USB will provide power to the board - however the parallel port can also do this (but may not be reliable). This USB interface is also used for debugging.
  • Connect the 1.5mm cable (10 pins) to the "Adapt3" PCB and to the datalogger board requiring programming.
  • When programming firmware and the time/serial string - it is WISE to observe the USB / serial port output from the datalogger. Only this way can successful programming be confirmed.