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Medialab Documentation

Breakout board for Accelnet Micro Module

  • for Copley Controls Corp models : ACK-055-06, or ACK-090-04


  • yellow tint PCB from AP-Circuits
  • bottom side text label "medialab/copmm1.pcb", "06/06/05"
  • dimensions : 3.36 x 2.21"



  • "V.MOT" is a dual red/green with intensity related to average motor voltage
  • "HV.PWR" indicates the presence of the HV motor supply
  • "+5V" indicates the presence of 5V from Copley motor amp


  • Need to switch RxD and TxD on the RJ11 connector. Do this by cutting traces and adding jumper wires.



Future Revisions

  • change LED to gull-wing such as P504-ND
  • remove "gnds" from power header - see page 9 of Accelnet for grounding method
  • RS232 connector over board edge by ~0.1"
  • termblk header obscures 1/2 the lower line of text labels "CHS COM HV+...."
  • DB25 plate mounting holes
  • smaller copley connector is 22 pins - not 24pins specified in SCH and PCB
  • zener diode across caps for shunting brakeing current
  • swap RS-232 signals on RJ11
  • add resistor across REF+- inputs


  • 06-08-05 : Submitted to AP-Circuits (received 2 copies)
  • 06-10-05 : Ser #1,#2 built
  • 06-10-05 : cut RxD, TxD traces on SER #1,#2 from RJ-11 ie swapped signals

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials